General settings

In the “General settings” tab you will find the option to allow shop managers to manage payment restriction settings.

general settings

Create new restriction rules

In order to create new restriction rules on the gateways you’ve enabled, go to the plugin admin panel in YITH Plugins > Payment Method Restrictions and click on the Add new button.

Rules list

Configure the rule as described below:

      1. Enter the title of the rule you are going to create
        Set title rule
      2. Select the payment method that you want to exclude (if bank account is selected, the plugin allows switching automatically to another BACS account if the conditions are fulfilled. Read more about this feature here).
        Select payment method exclude
      3. Add one or more conditions to the rule: the selected payment method will be removed from checkout only if all the conditions set are fulfilled.
        Each condition can be of a different type:
        product: one or all the selected products have to be in the cart
        category: one or all products in the selected category have to be in the cart
        tag: one or more products belonging to the selected tags have to be in the cart
        price: the total cart amount has to fall within the specified values
        geolocalization: buyers are from one of the selected countries
        role: buyers are from one of the selected roles
      4. Enter a custom message for users that only shows up if the rule applies and the gateway is, consequently, removed
        Custom message
        You can use this message to inform users about the reason why the payment method is not available.
        Message in checkout page





BACS Account

If one of your store payment gateways is Direct Bank Transfer, you’d better know that it is possible to automatically switch to a different BACS account if certain conditions are met.

Let’s see how to do this.

First of all, make sure you have configured all your accounts from the BACS Account tab in the plugin settings panel.

Bacs account

Next, create a restriction rule by selecting “Direct Bank Transfer” and enabling the option Change BACS account.

Suppose you want to use a different account for users who buy from Italy.

Create the rule with Change BACS account enabled and a condition on Geolocalization, as in the image below.

Change account


An example will help us understand better how the plugin works.

Suppose we want to remove PayPal payment for users:

  • who buy from France, Portugal, and Spain
  • whose cart amount is lower than €150
  • whose cart contains products in the category “Music”

Rule conditions

If the cart contents meet these conditions, PayPal payment gateway will be removed from the checkout page and the custom message set in the rule will be shown to users.

Custom message