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Login options

If the users already has an account in your website, they have entered their email address or password and will be then shown a second step where they can enter the password. To customize this view, please, go to YITH > Easy Login & Register Popup > Login optionsĀ tab. You can find the following options:

  • Popup header text: customize the text of this step.
  • Popup title: you can also use the [username] placeholder to print the username. Default to ‘Welcome back [username]’.
  • Custom text before the password form: enter here some custom text, if you want to add more information for your customers about the password input field. This text will appear right below the popup title.
  • Password input label: customize the title of the password input field. Default to ‘Password:’
  • Text for Stay signed in option: this is the text of the ‘Stay signed in’ option that you can customize as you wish.
  • Check Stay signed in by default: enable this option if you want to show the ‘Stay signed-in’ option enabled by default. This will let your user save time in the future as they will not have to log in again.
  • Button label: this is the button text. Default to ‘Sign in’.