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Register options and Privacy Policy

In the “Register options” tab you will find two sections:

Register options

When customers enter an invalid username or if they haven’t registered yet and click on the Register link, they will see the Register form in the popup. It’s here in the Register options tab that you can customize the content of this step, including the Privacy Policy options.

Here, you will find the following options:

register options

  • Popup header text
  • Popup title
  • Custom text before password form: enter here some custom text, if you want to add more information for your customers about how to set up a strong password. This text will appear right below the popup title.
  • Password input label: customize the title of the password input field, where users will enter their new password. Default to ‘Password:’
  • Repeat password option: enable this option if you want to make sure that your users do not make any typos during the password setup and are asked to enter the password twice.
  • Password strength check: decide if you want to disable or enable the option to check the strength of the password while typing it.

password strenght check frontend

  • Privacy policy check box: enable this if you want to show a checkbox that users have to check to be able to go on with the registration.
  • Privacy policy text: enter here the text of the checkbox that your users can check to agree with the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. Use the placeholders [privacy_policy] and [terms] to automatically print a link to the related pages (the standard ones that you can set up in WooCommerce).
    You can customize the text of the Privacy policy from WooCommerce > Settings > Accounts and Privacy > Privacy Policy and of the Terms and Conditions from WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > Terms and conditions.
  • Check Privacy Policy by default: enable this option if you want to show the Privacy box checked by default.
  • Button text: customize the text of the button here.

Google reCaptcha

In this section, you can enable the Google reCaptcha option and set up the public and private keys (provided in your Google reCaptcha account)

Google reCaptcha

Once it has been set up, your users will be able to see the reCaptcha options in the second step of the Login/Register popup, as you can see below:

Google recaptcha - frontend