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Email configuration

Email settings

The Email settings tab will be available only if you create a custom status. In this case, you’ll have to configure the email that will be generated when the order will get the status you are configuring.
Below are all the options you can set:

    • Send email to: the recipient of the email. You can select:
      • none
      • administrator
      • customer
      • custom email address
      • Vendor* (*only if  YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor is activated).
    • “From” Name: the sender name that will be shown to the recipients.
    • “From” Email Address: the email address of the sender that will be shown to the recipients.
    • Email Subject: the subject of the email.
    • Email Heading: the text shown ahead of the body of the email.
    • Custom Message: in this field add the text of the email taking advantage of the placeholders the plugin offers to dynamically recover some of the order information that you want to show in the email content. These are the available placeholder:
      • {customer_first_name}: the user name.
      • {customer_last_name}: the user surname.
      • {order_date}: the date on which the order has been made.
      • {order_number}: the order number.
      • {order_value}: the total amount of the order.
      • {billing_address}: the billing address of the user.
      • {shipping_address}: the shipping address of the user.
      • {billing_country}: the billing country of the user.
    • Include Order Information: this option lets you add the list of the products of the order, the billing address and the shipping address in the email.