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Configure a new status

To start creating new order statuses, go to YITH > Custom Order Status > Order Statuses tab and click on Add Order Status.

Add order status
Add the name and set the options that you can find in the Settings tab of the page.

Order status settings

Below you’ll find the complete list of the options:

  • Status Type: the type of the new status. You can create a new status by choosing Custom Status, or overwrite a WooCommerce status by selecting one of the other entries of the list.
  • Slug: enter a unique slug that defines the status.
  • Color: the color for the status.
  • Icon: the icon for the status. Choose between the default one (also available in the free version of the plugin), or the complete list of Font Awesome icons.
  • Graphic Style: choose between icon or textual label. For the latter, the label will be also the name of the status.


Custom order status icons

Textual label:

Custom order status label

If you are not able to see the “Next Actions” column in the orders oversight, click on “Screen options” and enable the actions option.

Enable next actions

  • Next Actions: actions that you can apply to the order when it has the status you are setting. Choose among the default WooCommerce actions and those you have created.
    Below is an example in which “Completed” and “Delivery” are selected as next actions of the status.

Next actions example

  • User can pay: enable this option if you want that users can pay the order when this status is set. Leave it disabled if no payment is allowed with this status.
  • User can cancel: enable this option if you want your users to be free to cancel the order when this has the status you are configuring.

My Account page

  • Order is paid: WooCommerce statuses include an option to consider them paid or not. Processing and Completed are considered paid, whereas the others aren’t. Enable this option if you want to consider your custom status as paid as well.
    Protip: we suggest enabling this option if your custom status follows a Processing or Completed status.
  • Allow downloads: this option allows users to download the file assigned to the order when this has the status you have created.
  • Display in Reports: activate this option to include all the orders with the status you are configuring in the WooCommerce report (“WooCommerce -> Reports”)
  • Restore stock: enable this option if you want to restore the order stock items when this custom status is applied.
  • Show always in Actions: enable this option to always show this custom status in the Actions column on the Orders page.

You will be able to see all options you did or did not apply to the created order status in the custom order status list table.

Enabled/disabled options

WooCommerce Analytics

The colors of the custom statuses you have created will show in WooCommerce > Analytics > Orders as in the example below.

Analytics - Orders

Enable shop manager

If you want the shop manager to be able to manage custom order statuses as well, enable the option in the plugin settings.

Enable shop managers