Enable Newsletter Popup

Once you have uploaded the plugin, you can enable your Newsletter Popup,
Go to Appearance > Newsletter Popup and enable the popup.

Enable Newsletter Popup

General Settings

In Appearance > Newsletter Popup page you will find the General Settings of the plugin. The options are divided into three tabs to make it a clearer overview.

general settings newsletter popup

Under the tab General Settings, you can also set the typography and the background for the Newsletter Popup.



Under the tab Newsletter, you can find all options to configure the newsletter form of the popup. The options below allow you to link the newsletter form to an external service. You simply need to analyze the example form of external service and then configure the information in the fields below.

Newsletter tab

WooCommerce Integration

Under the tab WooCommerce Integration, You will find all options to configure the WooCommerce part of the newsletter popup. The options below allow you to show a WooCommerce product in your popup.

This is a sample text with a link inside.

WooCommerce Integration



The plugin allows you to use your own custom templates and stylesheets.

Custom Stylesheet

In order to customize the style of the plugin, you can easily create a file called fbanner.css within the theme folder. The file will be automatically loaded from your theme instead of the plugin folder.

In this way the style.css file contained within the plugin (/assets/css/) will be replaced with your stylesheet. Keep in mind to copy and paste the code included in this file if you need it.

Custom Templates

If you need to include our plugin within your theme you can also customize the templates. Copy the file yith-newsletter-popup.php from the folder “templates” of plugin folder and paste it inside the theme folder and automatically the plugin will load the templates from your theme instead of the plugin folder.