Add a new rule

This plugin allows you to create as many allocation rules you can use to associate different roles to different actions.

In order to create a rule, you need to go to YITH Plugins > Automatic Role Changer:

Automatic Role Changer

Now enter a unique rule for your rule in “Name the rule” and click on Add new rule:

Add new rule

You can now customize your rule, choosing between “The user will gain the role:” decide which role will be assigned to user for the action specified below:

Gain role

The second option is “Switch role”: the user roll will change from one to another based on the action options specified below:

Switch role

You can choose one of four options:

user role when

  • Customers purchase a specific product
  • The total amount of the order falls within a specified date/time range
  • Customers spend a minimum, a maximum or an amount in between
  • Customers purchase a product from a specific category or tag