Remy Documentation


In this section, you will learn how to create a OnePage out of your website, using Remy.

1. Setting menu

First of all, set your menu by adding custom links: set your own labels and add anchors to each section with unique string IDs prefixed by #.

See this image as an example:


2. Add an anchor in the page

As second step, you have to set an anchor for each section of your OnePage, by adding the following shortcode:

[onepage_anchor name="contact" ]

The shortcode has to be added in the exact place in the page where you want the menu entry to point after being clicked on. The value to assign to attribute "name" has to be the string identifier used in the menu.

Example: if you have menu a entry with #contact as link, you have to add the shortcode [onepage_anchor name="contact" ] in the exact point of the page where you want to be taken after clicking on "Contact" menu entry.

Also, instead of adding shortcodes manually, you can find the same shortcode in Visual composer: you'll find the element "OnePage Anchor" (see below):

Visual Composer Element