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Localization (Translation)

In this section, you will learn how to translate your site into your native language (Manual Configuration). You will also learn how to make your site a multi-language site (WPML Configuration).

First of all, this theme is ready for localization with .po/.mo files, but it works also with WPML plugin.
**Note – WPML is a premium plugin and IS NOT INCLUDED in this theme package. If you want to use the WPML plugin, you must buy and install it yourself.

If you are not familiar with translating WordPress themes, we highly recommend that you read this article:

1. Localization - Manual Configuration

1. Go to and click on the link for the language into which you want your installation to be translated.

Go to site

2. Click on "Download language pack", if available.

Download language pack

3. Decompress the downloaded packet and copy the files into the folder wp-content/languages in your WordPress installation.

In case there were no packet for your language in the website above mentioned, download and install WordPress version in the language you are looking for, go to wp-content/languages and copy the files you find there into the same path into your installation.

Decompress download package Paste Files

4. Open the admin panel of your of your theme. Select "General" from the tab "Settings" and you'll find a dropdown menu where you can choose your language. Select it and save settings. Now, you'll see all menu entries in the language chosen.

Active language

5. If your language file (es. es_ES.po) doesn't exist in this folder, you can create it by following these steps:

Copy the file yit.pot

copy file default.po

You won’t be able to paste the copied file in your FTP files, so go to your desktop, right-click to paste and save the file there.

paste default.po in your desktop

Now rename your copy of yit.pot For example, rename your file as the following:

  • fr_FR.po for France,
  • en_EN.po for English
  • he_HE.po for hebraic, and so on.

That's how the renamed file will look like:

change name to default.po

Now download Poedit

download poedit

Open your renamed file with Poedit and translate it. Go to File and click on Preferences.

edit po file

When your new screen opens, click on Editor, then click on "Automatically generate mo":

edit po file

Be sure you have saved your translated file, then upload the new .mo and .po via FTP to your server, in the folder "languages".

wp-content > themes > iris > languages

2. WPML Configuration

This is the best configuration to operate with WPML plugin:

wpml best configuration