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YIT Contact Form

In this page you will learn how to set your contact forms.

1. Install and activate YIT Contact Form plugin

Install YIT Contact Form plugin. Click on the green button as shown in the image below:

install yit newsletter plugin

And then click on "install" to install the plugin.

install yit newsletter plugin

After installation, click on "activate" to activate the plugin.

2. Create a Contact Form

Click on "Contact Forms > Add New Contact Form":

Create a newsletter form

2.1 Contact form configuration tab

In the first tab, you can apply general settings of your contact form, as showed below:


To use "Google reCaptcha", set the "reCaptcha System" field to "checked" as shown below and click here to learn how to get api keys.


2.2 Add\Edit Form tab

In this section, we will show you how to create a contact form with nameemailwebsite and message field, as showed below:


Click on "Add field" button:


A grey box will appear, then click on the arrow to open it.


Firstly, we add "name" field; it' s important that you fill in Data Name field to use its value in email body.

Then, fill in Message error field, check the Required field, choose the Icon that will appear in the input field and assign "six columns" value to Width.


Now, we can add "email" field: we have to fill in the same fields as we did before, but we also have to check the "Email" field as showed below.


In this way, users will receive an error message if the email is not in the correct form.


Now we are going to add "website" field: in this case, we don't want the field to be required, but we want that the input field is as wide as its container, so we set the "Width" field to twelve columns.


Let's add the last custom field for "message": in this case, we will set "Type Field" to "Textarea".


2.3 Field Order

In WordPress admin panel, our field list will appear like the picture below:


You can change field order by dragging and dropping field box as showed below:

23 23

Do not forget to click on "publish" or "save draft" to apply changes.

3. Shortcodes

After being created, the contact form will appear in the list with all contact forms. Next to them, you can see the shortcode column, as showed below.


Click here for more details about shortcodes.