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Settings of Testimonials page

The Testimonial module, integrated with the theme, lets you add all testimonials of your site directly from the panel. The module can be activated or deactivated at any time from the Modules section.

Modules section

If the module is active, in the sidebar you will find the Testimonials custom post type you can use to add all testimonials.

2. Create Testimonials

Click on Testimonials > Add new testimonial:

Create a new testimonial

and then in this page:

Create a new testimonial

You can:

  1. Add the name of the testimonials
  2. Enter testimonial text
  3. Add testimonial website, a small excerpt of the testimonial text and set a star rating
  4. Upload a testimonial picture using the "featured image" option
  5. Click on "Publish".

After that, you can create the testimonial page and show your testimonials. Create a new page and click on "shortcode" tab to add a new shortcode in the page:

Create a new testimonial

Click on the testimonial shortcode:

Create a new testimonial

You can also set the number of items you want to show in "Shortcode" panel (-1 to show all testimonials) and the category of the testimonial you want to show (you can set different pages with different categories).

Create a new testimonial

HTML result.

Testimonial page