Iris Documentation (free version)

Page Settings

You can customize your pages from WordPress menu entry "Pages". Click on the page you want to edit. In it you can find "Page settings" section: activate it to be able to customize the page:

Page settings section

Then in the "Settings" tab you can:

Page settings section
  1. Show/hide the title of the page
  2. Show/hide breadcrumb of the page
  3. Set the layout of the page: left sidebar, right sidebar, double sidebar, no sidebar. Choose the sidebar you want to show in the page.

In the "Header" tab you can:

  1. Set a static image. If you enable this option, you can upload an image for your header and, if you want to add a link to the image, you can add a URL.
  2. Add a custom background for your header (the section where you show the logo, the menu, the navigation and the cart). If you enable this option you can upload a custom image for your header.
Page settings panel