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1. Why the style of my website is different from the live demo ?

probably you have to changing file permissions to cache folder, you can modify them using Filezilla, like explained below:

File Permissions affect the capability of users or group of users to Read, Write or Execute files. They define who or what can read , write or execute the files or directories.

The steps to change File Permissions using FileZilla
  1. Download and install FileZilla, if you haven’t done it yet.
  2. Open FileZilla and put your FTP data within Quickconnect bar

    Selecting File Permissions


  3. Browse to the theme directory:
  4. Right-click on cache folder and click on “File Permissions…”

    Selecting File Permissions

    Selecting Folder Permissions

  5. An interface would pop-up asking for the required File Permissions. Fill the box Numeric value with 777 value. Choose the option “Recurse into Subdirectories“ and then select Apply to all files and directories sub-options.

    Entering the Required File Permission

    Entering the Required File Permission

  6. Then click “OK“. You can see the status of the process of changing File Permissions in the Status Bar on top.

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