Bishop Documentation


Version 1.7.0 - Released on Apr 03, 2017

  1. New: WooCommerce 3.0.0-RC2 support
  2. Fix: Checkout javascript issue
  3. Fix: Minor bugs

Version 1.6.5 - Released on Dec 06, 2016

  1. Added: WordPress 4.7 support
  2. Added: WooCommerce 2.6.8 support
  3. Updated: Visual Composer to 5.0.1 version
  4. Updated: Slider Revolution to 5.3.1 version
  5. Fixed: tab vertical link redirect issue

Version 1.6.4 - Jul 25, 2016

  1. Added: WooCommerce 2.6.3 support
  2. Updated: Slider Revolution to 5.2.6 version
  3. Updated: Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer 3.16.6
  4. Fixed: WooCommerce password field always disabled

Version 1.6.3 - Jun 15, 2016

  1. Added: WooCommerce 2.6 support
  2. Updated: Visual Composer to 4.12 version
  3. Updated: Slider Revolution to version
  4. Updated: Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer 3.16.4

Version 1.6.2 - May 05, 2016

  1. Updated: Revolution Slider to version
  2. Fixed: Theme loads slowly on back-end because of

Version 1.6.1 - Apr 22, 2016

  1. Updated: Visual Composer to version

Version 1.6.0 - Apr 20, 2016

  1. Added: WordPress 4.5 support
  2. Added: Php7 support
  3. Updated: Revolution Slider to 5.2.5 version
  4. Updated: Visual Composer to 4.11.2 version

Version 1.5.6 - Mar 25, 2016

  1. Added: WooCommerce 2.5.5 support
  2. Updated: Revolution Slider
  3. Updated: Visual Composer 4.11.1
  4. Updated: Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer 3.16.1

Version 1.5.5 - Feb 05, 2016

  1. Added: WooCommerce 2.5.2 support
  2. Added: Revolution Slider 5.1.6
  3. Added: Visual Composer 4.9.2
  4. Added: Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer 3.15.0
  5. Added: Option "Send Email to product vendor" for YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor

Version 1.5.4 - Dec 30, 2015

  1. Added: WordPress 4.4 support
  2. Added: WooCommerce 2.4.12 support
  3. Added: WooCommerce 2.5.x (tested with version beta 3)
  4. Added: Revolution Slider 5.1.5
  5. Added: Visual Composer 4.9.1
  6. Added: Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer 3.14.1
  7. Fixed: Pagination issue when shop is on Home Page
  8. Fixed: YITH WooCommerce Stripe and YITH WooCommerce my account issue
  9. Fixed: Product Category description in wrong position

Version 1.5.3 - Nov 03, 2015

  1. Added: WooCommerce 2.4.8 support
  2. Added: YITH Essential Kit for WooCommerce #1 support
  3. Added: Revolution Slider 5.1 support
  4. Added: Visual Composer support
  5. Added: Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer 3.13.7 support
  6. Added: Show category description option
  7. Added: Title tag support
  8. Fixed: Fatal error on metabox with new plugin-fw system
  9. Fixed: YITH WooCommerce Product Countdown widget
  10. Fixed: Category page title
  11. Fixed: Section Blog slider autoplay
  12. Fixed: WooCommerce Customer Details style in Order Received page

Version 1.5.2 - Oct 06, 2015

  1. Added: WooCommerce 2.4.7 support
  2. Added: Visual Composer 4.7.4 (this update resolve security issue)
  3. Added: Revolution Slider 5.0.9
  4. Added: Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer 3.13.4
  5. Added: WooCommerce Estra Sorting Option compatibility
  6. Fixed: YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews ouble title issue
  7. Fixed: YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search compatibility
  8. Fixed: WordPress 4.3 favicon compatibility

Version 1.5.1 - Sep 08, 2015

  1. Added: Visual Composer 4.7
  2. Added: Revolution Slider 5.0.6
  3. Fixed: Products variable add to cart template
  4. Fixed: Update fragments in quick view after add to cart action
  5. Fixed: Message "added to cart" in quick view
  6. Fixed: 'Redirect to cart' options in quick view after add to cart action
  7. Fixed: Parse error when activating contact-form module
  8. Fixed: Fatal error when try to activate plugins framework like yit-contact-form, yit-newsletter etc..
  9. Fixed: WP Customizer doesn't display shortcodes
  10. Fixed: reCaptcha get correct language
  11. Fixed: Pinterest portfolio - items per page option issue
  12. Fixed: Template path with old WooCommerce Version
  13. Fixed: Fragments filter with WooCommerce 2.4.x
  14. Fixed: Autoplay for video in parallax slider
  15. Fixed: Missing coupon form in checkout page
  16. Updated: New enqueue style system for child theme ( ref. )

Version 1.5.0 - Aug 18, 2015

  1. Added: Wordpress 4.3.x ready ( tested with 4.3 RC-2 version )
  2. Added: WooCommerce 2.4.4 compatibility
  3. Added: Visual Composer 4.6.2
  4. Added: Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer 3.13.2
  5. Fixed: Wpml custom tab compatibility

Version 1.4.5 - Jun 30, 2015

  1. Added: WooCommerce 2.3.11 support
  2. Added: Visual Composer 4.5.3
  3. Added: Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer 3.12.1
  4. Updated: PrettyPhoto to 3.1.6 - latest stable and secure version
  5. Fixed: YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews compatibility
  6. Fixed: YITH WooCommerce Colors and Label Variations compatibility
  7. Fixed: custom style issue on multisite installation

Version 1.4.4 - Jun 05, 2015

  1. Added: WooCommerce 2.3.10 support
  2. Added: Visual Composer 4.5.2
  3. Added: Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer 3.11.1
  4. Added: Revolution Slider 4.6.93
  5. Added: YITH Live Chat
  6. Added: YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor
  7. Added: YITH WooCommerce Social Login
  8. Added: YITH Infinite Scrolling
  9. Added: YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote
  10. Fixed: Login/Register issue on hover
  11. Fixed: Validate comment form issue
  12. Fixed: Wpml widgets issue
  13. Fixed: Wpml endpoint issue
  14. Fixed: 'woocommerce_stock_html' filter arg issue

Version 1.4.3 - Apr 23, 2015

  1. Added: Wordpress 4.2 compatibility
  2. Added: WooCommerce 2.3.8 support
  3. Added: Visual Composer 4.4.4
  4. Added: Revolution Slider 4.6.9
  5. Added: Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer 3.10
  6. Fixed: WooCommerce Sale Flash compatibility
  7. Fixed: Wp security issue
  8. Fixed: Logo slider issue
  9. Fixed: WooCommerce Print Notice issue on lost password page

Version 1.4.2 - Mar 24, 2015

  1. Added: Woocommerce 2.3.7 support
  2. Added: RTL Sliders support
  3. Added: Visual Composer 4.4.3
  4. Added: Yith Woocomerce Order Tracking
  5. Added: Yith Woocomerce Advanced Reviews
  6. Added: Yith Woocomerce Cart Message
  7. Added: Yith Woocomerce Pdf Invoice
  8. Added: Yith Woocomerce Stripe
  9. Added: Yith Woocomerce
  10. Fixed: Url not change in Blog big during ajax call

Version 1.4.1 - Feb 23, 2015

  1. Added: Woocommerce 2.3.5 support
  2. Added: Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer 3.9.4
  3. Fixed: Quick view lightbox issue
  4. Fixed: Rich Snippet issue
  5. Fixed: Review Tab issue
  6. Fixed: Javascript undefined object error
  7. Fixed: Css include issue with https protocol

Version 1.4.0 - Feb 16, 2015

  1. Added: Woocommerce 2.3.3 support
  2. Added: Visual Composer 4.4.2
  3. Added: Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer 3.9.3
  4. Fixed: option shop-remove-reviews force reviews tab to open in every products

Version 1.3.2 - Jan 24, 2015

  1. Added: Visual Composer 4.4.1
  2. Added: Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer 3.8.0
  3. Added: Attributes "Filter Type" and "Ids" to "show_products" shortcode allow user to filter by given id products list
  4. Added: Option "Remove inquiry form" to allow user to hide inquiry form in all product
  5. Fixed: Logout redirect on my-account menu link
  6. Fixed: YIT_Widget_Recent_Reviews: removed drop down for products because cause error with more than thousand items
  7. Fixed: Blog detail ajax next post issue
  8. Fixed: cart logo on mobile menu for dark skin
  9. Fixed: reviews text doesn' t show on single product for dark skin

Version 1.3.1 - Jan 14, 2015

  1. Added: Wordpress 4.1 compatibility
  2. Added: Woocommerce 2.2.10 support
  3. Added: Revolution Slider 4.6.5
  4. Added: Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer 3.7.0
  5. Added: Essential Grid 2.0.1
  6. Added: Visual Composer 4.3.5
  7. Added: Layout Clear Options Button
  8. Added: Option to choose post types in Search Mini Widget
  9. Updated: Portfolios extra images from Media Gallery
  10. Updated: Shortcode Review Slider
  11. Updated: Framework plugin core
  12. Updated: animate.css classes for compatibility with Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer 3.7.0
  13. Fixed: Resize image dimension on content
  14. Fixed: Add to cart option in single product page doesn't work
  15. Fixed: Incorrect url for the my account endpoint if the page slug is not 'myaccount'
  16. Fixed: Background image in bigmenu doesn't appear in certain site
  17. Fixed: Custom modal window icon on product page
  18. Fixed: Text domain in woocommerce template
  19. Fixed: Layout product View All selector
  20. Fixed: Portfolio image slider next/prev arrow direction
  21. Fixed: Quick View - Variable Product Default value issue
  22. Fixed: Google map from Layout
  23. Fixed: Show/hide Review from theme option
  24. Fixed: Show Error if registration failed
  25. Fixed: Review Slider Widget style
  26. Fixed: Minor bugs

Version 1.3.0

  1. Added: Filter for Welcome label in Yit Woocommerce Login widget. The filter is named 'yit_welcome_login_label'
  2. Added: Wordpress Social login 2.2.3 support
  3. Added: Og:type support
  4. Fixed: Woocommerce My Account template link
  5. Fixed: "Wordpress Seo" plugin compatibility. Duplicated og tags
  6. Fixed: Single product inquiry form, toggle after submit to show result
  7. Fixed: Unexpected semicolon in style.css may be prevent other rules to work properly
  8. Fixed: Unclosed tag in cart page if the "Enable the use of coupons" option is not enable in checkout
  9. Fixed: WP Error in shop tag pages for the number of products view element
  10. Fixed: Rating stars ie11 rendering
  11. Fixed: Box icon image issue on mobile with Firefox

Version 1.2.9

  1. Added: Woocommerce 2.2.8 support
  2. Added: Revolution Slider 4.6.3 support
  3. Added: One-Page Sample Data
  4. Added: Show "Products per Page" view option
  5. Added: "Reply" a comment without page redirect
  6. Added: Option to customize mobile devices favicons
  7. Updated: Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer plugin to 3.5.3 version
  8. Fixed: Bootstrap thumbnail class issue
  9. Fixed: Css Box Title H2 issue
  10. Fixed: Missed string "View Styles" under text domain
  11. Fixed: Notice about Ultimate VC Addons in yit banner even if the plugin is active
  12. Fixed: Catalog Mode for single product
  13. Fixed: Quick view lose "close button" after the second open on Internet Explorer
  14. Fixed: "Welcome" message now get first and last name if are set
  15. Fixed: On blog the comment text is now inserted inside a p tag
  16. Fixed: WPML Support for sitemap
  17. Fixed: Box icon image issue on Firefox

Version 1.2.8

  1. Added: Woocommerce 2.2.5 support
  2. Updated: Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer plugin to 3.5.1 version
  3. Updated: Chat X plugin to 1.4 version
  4. Fixed: Product Tabs issue ( da verificare best seller )
  5. Fixed: Quick view doesn' t work after an ajax navigation filter
  6. Fixed: Page "No Search Results" layout
  7. Fixed: Mobile phone menu issue on link with children
  8. Deleted: Duplicate functions on plugin filter backup and reset

Version 1.2.7

  1. Added: Woocommerce 2.2.5 support
  2. Added: Filter for number of products link page. The filter is named 'yit_num_products_link'
  3. Added: Wordpress Socila Login 2.2.x support
  4. Addedd: Options "Show Logged Out Dropdown Menu" to "Yit Woocommerce Login" widget
  5. Fixed: Wrong layout on blog small template
  6. Fixed: The blog titles do not wrap properly on blog posts when font size is bigger or font changed
  7. Fixed: Style widget featured product in the footer
  8. Fixed: Two featured product widget in the same page not work correctly
  9. Fixed: Change structure template of shortcode Box Title, h5 change to h2
  10. Fixed: the comment overlaps the reply button
  11. Fixed: Shortcode "team_section" generate javascript error when there are no members
  12. Fixed: wrong style for checkbox input,radio input, select input in contact form shortcode
  13. Fixed: tag h2 on product description not showed
  14. Fixed: Inquiry form issue inside quickview
  15. Fixed: Prevent warning when a remote image is not found
  16. Fixed: Parallax wrong layout when boxed on responsive
  17. Delete: option bookmark on attribute social share of portfolio layout

Version 1.2.6

  1. Fixed: Incorrect "View" links for products per page in product categories
  2. Fixed: "View:" text does not translated
  3. Fixed: YIW links problem
  4. Fixed: Featured Products widget in footer row

Version 1.2.5

  1. Added: Compatibiliy with Ultimate VC Addons
  2. Fixed: Portfolio and Sliders lost
  3. Fixed: Call to undefined function wc_get_product for swiper slider if older woocommerce version is running
  4. Fixed: Layout Settings pagination doesn't work for product categories

Version 1.2.4

  1. Added: Woocommerce 2.2.3 support
  2. Added: Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer plugin
  3. Updated: WPBakery Visual Composer plugin to 3.4.6 version
  4. Updated: Chat X plugin to 1.3.2 version
  5. Fixed: Missed post/page/product options set from layout page if the post/page/product is subsequently edited from edit post page.

Version 1.2.3

  1. Added: Woocommerce 2.2 support
  2. Added: Show Counter option on "Theme options/Category page" allow user to show or hide products number
  3. Added: "Admin Settings" section that allow user to customize administration panel logos , it' s required to update "YIT Shortocodes" plugin to the latest version
  4. Updated: Revolution Slider 4.6.0
  5. Updated: "Sound Cloud" post options
  6. Fixed: Incorrect textdomain on woocommerce, templates version 2.1.x
  7. Fixed: shortcodes in quickview
  8. Fixed: Bug with long name of portfolios and sliders, it' s required to update "YIT Portfolio" and "YIT Sliders" plugins to the latest version
  9. Fixed: Flexislider data options animation speed and interval
  10. Fixed: Layout and Wp backend pagination doesn't work
  11. Fixed: team template shortcode
  12. Fixed: Banner Slider autoplay option
  13. Fixed: List bullet icon font missed inside product short description on compare window
  14. Fixed: Mini search hided content was over navigation links
  15. Fixed: Notice message on the Page Setting/Google Map tab
  16. Fixed: Add to cart disappear for bundle products on shop page
  17. Fixed: Toggle menu disappear div minus/plus

Version 1.2.2

  1. Fixed: review of products removed when option "Disable comments on pages" is enabled
  2. Fixed: headings tags of blog and login/register in topbar
  3. Fixed: main nav menu drops down over slider and is unviewable, with a specific resolution
  4. Fixed: product title bar drops down over prev and next links
  5. Fixed: lost password page not working
  6. Fixed: delay on icon home appear on navigation menu
  7. Fixed: bug in layouts options, in "View All" view
  8. Fixed: inquiry form not working on quick view
  9. Fixed: grey background overlaps the pages
  10. Updated: Revolution Slider to 4.5.95 version
  11. Updated: Visual Composer to 4.3.3 version
  12. Updated: Live Chat X to 1.2 version

Version 1.2.1

  1. Added: Live Chat plugin
  2. Added: classic style for product tabs in product detail page
  3. Added: menu location only for menu visible on mobile
  4. Added: option for catalog mode in each product settings page
  5. Added: option to set the first tab to be opened, in product tabs
  6. Fixed: demo text removed from login form
  7. Fixed: blog layouts not working
  8. Fixed: color text of submit button in custom login form
  9. Fixed: category page messy
  10. Fixed: removed alerts from javascript code
  11. Fixed: google fonts bug

Version 1.2.0

  1. Added: Chat X - WordPress Chat plugin for Sales & Support
  2. Added: Chat X Typography support by "Website paragraph typography" option
  3. Added: terms & conditions on popup from checkout page
  4. Fixed: Product Categories Breadcrumbs
  5. Fixed: hidden background of megamenu in mobile
  6. Fixed: layout of my account page for login / register
  7. Fixed: single product variation drop-down height
  8. Fixed: inquiry form in single product page
  9. Fixed: Bannerize shortcode link issue on click event
  10. Fixed: Testimonial items width
  11. Fixed: "no results" notices in search page
  12. Fixed: Display option of product actions
  13. Fixed: Mobile 'Top Bar Right' height
  14. Fixed: 'lost password' link
  15. Fixed: Select number of products in shop page
  16. Fixed: Mega Menu differences
  17. Fixed: Tab shortcode in product description
  18. Fixed: RTL admin theme options logo
  19. Fixed: single post page sidebars options doesn't work
  20. Updated: added support to js_composer 4.3.2

Version 1.1.0

  1. Added: support to OnePage
  2. Added: quick view in portfolio filterable (to activate)
  3. Added: wordpress social plugin, to give ability to login with all socials
  4. Updated: visual composer plugin version
  5. Fixed: Blog Masonry layout
  6. Fixed: FS_CHMOD_DIR and FS_CHMOD_FILE not defined

Version 1.0.4

  1. Tweak: changed style of close button of quick view
  2. Fixed: add to cart message in quick view dialog
  3. Fixed: masonry style in shop shortcodes
  4. Fixed: bigmenu width when there aren't background image and elements inside
  5. Fixed: bug in menus admin page, appeared 0 after selecting second page on "View all" link
  6. Fixed: third level link in mobile
  7. Fixed: icon on standard blog postformat
  8. Fixed: header in mobile with skin 2

Version 1.0.3

  1. Fixed: Menu height on window resize
  2. Fixed: Touch on mobile menuFixed: Removed fixed dimension to product thumbnail in widget
  3. Fixed: Hide navigation in product slider if not necessary
  4. Fixed: Columns in products category page;
  5. Updated: Icon and background input fields in admin menu
  6. Updated: My Account menu auto-creation

Version 1.0.2

  1. Fixed: "add_menu_page" function
  2. Fixed: Responsive cart icon
  3. Fixed: Custom logo height
  4. Fixed: Duplicated superadmin link for yit plugin
  5. Removed: "Close link" from menu when resolution is under 768px

Version 1.0.1

  1. Fixed: RTL support style
  2. Fixed: Options in theme options
  3. Fixed: Footer type labels
  4. Fixed: Minor bugs
  5. Added: Option in ThemeOptions->Shop->Settings for enable slider style for price filter
  6. Added: Price filter slider style
  7. Added: CPTU Taxonomy on import

Version 1.0.0 - Released on Jul 08, 2014

  1. Initial release.