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Getting started with the plugin

To configure title bar effects for your site, go to the plugin settings and enable the option Enable WordPress Title Bar Effects.



The available options are:

  • Select animation: choose the animation type from typing, scrolling and intermittence;
  • Change tab: if enabled, the animation applies only when the users abandon the page and stops when they reopen it;
  • Animation speed: the system calculates the configured value in milliseconds and in inverse proportion to the animation speed. The higher the value, the lower the animation speed will be;
  • Delay time to start: delay time (expressed in milliseconds) to start the animation in relation to the page loading or abandonment (depending on the “Change Tab” settings);
  • Effect duration: total duration for the animation (expressed in milliseconds);
  • Time lapse between two cycles: time-lapse (expressed in milliseconds) between an animation cycle and the following;
  • Title: y default, the animation applies to the original tab title.
    However, you can edit the title by inserting a custom text or by applying the prefix and/or suffix to the default one.

The texts inserted in the plugin settings dashboard apply to all the site posts and pages.
The three options can be overridden by page, article, or product (if you are using the WooCommerce plugin).

Override title bar effects