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General notes about the plugin

YITH WordPress Test Environment must be necessarily used on a WordPress multisite installation (preferably with directory sites enabled). This is an essential requirement to create a new sandbox that allows users to test the theme/plugin on a dedicated installation.

When the plugin is activated and enabled from the plugin settings dashboard, a new bar will be added to the site pages header. The bar includes two buttons:

  • the first button allows redirecting the users to a specific URL, for example to the page where they can purchase the plugin or theme they are testing
  • the second button allows the users to start a new sandbox with the same images and settings of the original site

Enable plugin

Plugin topbar

How to create a new sandbox

By creating a new sandbox, the user can have a dedicated installation on which he/she can customize the settings depending on his/her needs.
Each applied change to the theme and/or plugin settings will be defined within the sandbox environment and will not entail any change in the parent installation.

Before all, you need to ensure that the “Allow New Sandboxes” option is enabled.
Now, in order to create a new sandbox, click on the “Launch Admin Demo” button added to the topbar provided by the plugin.

Launch admin demo

After clicking on the button, a new sandbox will be automatically created and the user will be redirected to the new installation back-end.
The user has access to the sandbox with the same role you have set in the “Demo User Role” entry of the plugin.

Demo user role

The user will be automatically removed when the sandbox expires.

Please note: the user cannot create two sandboxes for the same site at the same time. Until his/her sandbox is active, he/she will be automatically redirected to the current sandbox when he/she tries to create a new one for the same site.

How to clone the images folder

By default, each new sandbox uses the “uploads” folder of the main site.
It means the folder is shared and any change applied by the user (addition or removal of an image from the WordPress “media Library”) will directly affect the main installation and all the generated sandboxes.
PLEASE NOTE: the images added by the user will be automatically removed when the sandbox expires.

The plugin behaviour is different if you choose to enable the “Clone Uploads Directory” option.

Clone uploads directory

In this case, the “uploads” folder with all the main site media will be cloned when the user creates the sandbox. Unlike previously stated, each change applied to the WordPress “Media Library” will have effects only and exclusively on the cloned folder.

The folder will be automatically deleted when the sandbox expires.

Number of sandboxes

The plugin allows setting a limit to the number of sandboxes that can be activated on the site at the same time. This can avoid to generate an overload on your server.
By setting the values to 0, there will be no limit to the creation of sandboxes.

Number of sandboxes

Set sandbox duration

The sandbox duration must be set as minutes at the “Sandbox duration” entry of the plugin.

Sandbox duration

A countdown will be shown to the user in order to inform him/her about the time left until the sandbox expiration.

Sandbox duration - Countdown

When the sandbox expires all the data related to it (user, images, contents and settings) will be permanently deleted.

All the sandboxes can be removed manually by clicking on the “Delete Sandboxes” button that you find in the plugin settings dashboard.
Consider this action carefully: by deleting the sandboxes, all the users who are using them will be disconnected and will need to create a new sandbox again.