Wishlist status

You can assign a status among “public”,“shared”,“private” to each wishlist. The differences between statuses is in the visibility they give to the wishlist.

  • “Public”: wishlist is accessible to everyone, therefore it is shown as result in the search form in case the user’s name or email address of the wishlist owner has been typed
  • “Shared”: wishlist can be shown only to the owner and to users were given the direct link to the wishlist detail page. It is not shown in the search form.
  • “Private”: wishlist is available only to its owner and site administrator.

The status of default wishlist is “public” and it can’t be changed.

The wishlist name could be not univocal, considering that the plugin bases its functioning on its id. In fact it could happen that two or more wishlists have the same name, even though owned by different users.