Wishlist and Multiwishlist

Each wishlist created in the site is registered right inside “Wishlists” section of plugin settings dashboard.


Click on “View” field to have access to the selected wishlist detail.

View wishlist

Wishlist detail


“Multiwishlist” function allows user to create different wishlists to organize products better. In order to make this possible enable “Enable multi-wishlist support” field in “YIT Plugins -> Wishlist -> Settings”.

Wishlist detail

In this case, every time users will add a new product to the wishlist, they could choose to select one of those already available or to create a new one.

Select wishlist

To gain access to their wishlists, users have two possibilities: by clicking on “manage wishlist” field right inside the widget (if inserted in sidebar) and/or “Wishlist” page.

Wishlist page