Plugin settings – Premium version

As detailed below, we analyze all the above mentioned options included in plugin settings dashboard, in “YIT Plugins -> Wishlist”.

  • “Default wishlist title”: title in the wishlist page of the theme
  • “Redirect to cart”: redirect to cart page if “Add to cart” button is clicked in the wishlist page
  • “Remove if added to the cart”: remove the product from the wishlist if it has been added to the cart.
  • “Add to Wishlist” text: text for “Add to wishlist” button or link
  • “Browse wishlist” text: text of shown button for products added to the wishlist
  • “Product added” text: text shown to user after the correct insertion of the product in the wishlist
  • “Add to Cart” text: text for “Add to cart” button in the table included in “Wishlist” page.
  • “Show Unit price”: show unit price for each product in wishlist
  • “Show Stock status”: show “In stock” or “Out of stock” label for each product in wishlist
  • “Show date of addition”: show the date when users have added a product to the wishlist
  • “Add second remove button”: adds a specific button to remove the product from the wishlist
  • “Show “Move to another wishlist” dropdown menu”: show the dropdown menu to move one item to another user defined wishlist
  • “Disable the wishlist for unauthenticated users”: disable the wishlist features for unauthenticated users, redirecting them to the login page
  • “Show login notice before wishlist table”: lets you add a notice before the wishlist table to ask unauthorized users to login (use %login_anchor% placeholder to show login link; leave empty to hide)
  • “Wishlist search page title”: lets you customize the title of the wishlist search page
  • “Enable multi-wishlist support”:

Here is an example of wishlist where each product shows: name, price, status (in stock or out of stock), date of addition, add to cart button and remove from wishlist button.
Plugin settings