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On sale item email

To send notifications to users when a product in their wishlist is on sale, the site admin can enable and send the On sale item email. Users can unsubscribe from this kind of notification by using the link provided in the email they receive.

To configure this email, go to the Promotional section of the plugin.

After enabling the email, you can choose the products that won’t be affected by this email notification by adding them to the related field Product exclusion. The same behavior can be applied to product categories by adding them to the Category exclusion field.

The option Email type allows selecting the type of email you want to send (plan, HTML or multipart).

Enter the title of the email notification in the field Email heading (or leave empty to use the default one) then the subject in Email subject (or leave empty to use the default one). To change the main content, according to the email type chosen, you can use the field Email HTML or plain content and take advantage of the following placeholders: {user_name} {user_email} {user_first_name} {user_last_name} {products_table} {unsubscribe_link}