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Image watermark

Watermark from a custom image

Let’s analyze how to create and customize your image watermarks.

Image watermark options

Available options:

  • Watermark image: (required field) upload here the image that will be used as a watermark;
  • Scale: define the width of the watermark as a percentage of the image. Values go from 0 to 100. If set to 100, the width of the watermark image will be the same as the width of the image it is applied to. If set to 0, no scale is applied;
  • Opacity: define the opacity of the watermark. Values go from 0 to 100, where 0 is transparent, 100 is solid color;

Watermark position

  • Position: choose the position of the watermark (top, middle, or bottom);
  • Alignment: choose the alignment of the watermark on the image (left, center or right);
  • Margin: enter a value to set the margin between the watermark and the border of the image;

Apply watermark to product categories

  • Apply watermark to: choose whether to apply the watermark to all categories or only specific ones. By choosing Only specific categories, an additional required field will be added, through which you can select the product categories;
  • Apply the watermark to these shop images: (required field) add the image formats to apply the watermark to:
    • Product page: featured image on the single product page
    • Archive pages: product thumbnail shown on the Shop page
    • Product gallery: product thumbnail shown in the Gallery section of the product page (under the featured image)
    • Full size (visible in modal):  image with its original size visible in the modal window

Image watermark on the shop page

Watermark on shop page

Finally, if you want to apply the watermark to the whole product image, just enable the option Repeat image.

Repeat image

This is what the image will look like.

Watermark with repeated image


Preview watermark

To see a preview of the watermark you are creating, click on the button Preview watermark. A modal will open and you will be able to have a preview to check what the watermark will look like.

Preview modal

After saving the watermark you have created, it will be listed in the Watermarks tab. To apply it to your product images, set the option Applied to YES.

Apply image watermark

The plugin automatically creates a backup of all product images when applying the watermark.

The files are stored in wp-content/uploads/yith_watermark_backup.