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General settings

In the plugin general settings you will be able to set up the general upload rules and their visibility and other options. Let’s check every option in detail.

First of all, you will be able to set the width, height and quality of the thumbnail images generated after you upload a file.

Thumbnail settings

The user can associate files to products and/or orders depending on the conditions set by the administrator.

The upload button is displayed only if one or more upload rules apply to the products in cart.

The upload button can be shown in the Cart, Checkout, Thank You page and My Account, and enabled/disabled for each of them separately from the plugin settings in YITH > Uploads > General settings.

Show button

For uploads through the My Account page, you can further filter this option and make sure that it is available only for those order statuses that you’ve enabled in the following option “Allow the file upload when the order status is” (again in YITH > Uploads > General settings):

Order status for attachment upload

Additionally, you can also choose on which order status your customers are allowed to delete the files they have uploaded:

Order status for attachment deletion

Remove file


Storing folder and mode

Upload folder and storing mode

Upload folder: here you will be able to choose a custom folder in your WordPress installation where all the uploaded files will be stored. Leave it blank to create the default folder in wp-content/uploads/yith-additional-uploads/.

Storing mode: choose whether to use the ID or the order number as the name of the subfolder where the uploaded files will be stored.

Split products in cart

Split products in cart: enable this option to split products with multiple quantity and make sure that customers can upload different products for every item. For example, if your user adds the “Calendar” product with quantity 3, they will be able to upload a different file for each copy of the calendar. Please, refer to this page for more details.

Split products in Cart

General upload rules

Then, here you can configure your main upload rules. Please, refer to this page for a more detailed explanation.

Uploads for products and orders

Please, refer to this page.