General informations about the tab layout

For each new tab it’s essential to select the layout to combine, by chooosing from eight different typologies: editor, video gallery, image gallery, faq, download, map, contact and shortcode.
Before getting deeper, it is better to specify an important detail.
In the Layout section of every tab, you can find the option Use the content for all products. With this option you communicate to the system to add the tab in the whole range of products selected in the “Settings” section of the tab. However, you can customize every tab that you have created directly from the WooCommerce product page.


The “Editor” layout lets you add text in your tab with the classic WordPress editor. You can also use HTML tags.

Layout editor - Admin view
Layout editor – Admin view
Layout 'Editor' - Product page
Layout ‘Editor’ – Product page

Video gallery

The “Video Gallery” layout offers the freedom to show one or more videos in the tab. You cn choose among different visualization options: click on Add Video to add a new video in the tab.

  • Column number: choose how many video to show in a row.
  • Video Hosting Service: the service that host the video you want to add (Youtube o Vimeo).
  • Video ID: the ID of the video to show.
  • Video URL: the URL of the video to show.

Layout 'Video Gallery' - Admin view


Layout 'Video Gallery' - Product page

Image gallery

Choosing the “Image Gallery” layout, you can select one or more images to show inside a tab. Click on Add Images to make a single or multiple upload, and select how many images you want to show for every row with the Images per row parameter.
This is a possible outcome.

Layout 'Image Gallery' - Admin viewLayout 'Image Gallery' - Product page


The “FAQ” type allows to add a FAQ list in the tab. Click on the Add FAQ button to add a new FAQ and add the question and the answer in the related Question and Answer fields for each FAQ.

Layout 'FAQ' - Admin viewLayout 'Faq' - Product page


The Download layout lets add one or more file you want to offer to your users to download.
Click on the Add file button to add a new file and write the name and the description for the file you want to show to your users.

Layout 'Download' - Admin view

Layout 'Download' - Product page


This kind of layout lets you use Google Maps inside a tab, using specific parameters in the option panel.

  • Full Width: tha map has the width of the tab window.
  • Width: the width (in pixels) of the map, available only if “Full Width” is disabled.
  • Height: the height (in pixels) of the map.
  • Address: the address used by Google Maps to generate tha map. The standard formula advisable is “Address, City”.
  • Zoom: the zoom for the map.

Layout 'Map' - Admin view

Layout 'Map' - Product page


The Contact layout adds a contact form in the tab. The default form is composed by the “Email” and “Message” fields, but you can also add the “name”, “website” and “subject” fields in the layout settings panel. Each of these fields can be set as mandatory.

contact tab

And an example of the frontend below:

Layout 'Contact' - Product page