General information about Upgrade and Downgrade

Upgrade and Downgrade procedures let users change their subscription from the “My Account” page. In order to allow this change, both plans have to be configured in the same product which has to be necessarily a variable product.

Variable product

If we create three kind of subscriptions, giving users the freedom to move from one to another, we need to create a variation for each subscription.
For our example, we have created the “plan” attribute and the three variations “Bronze”,”Silver” e “Gold”.

Product variations

Now we can configure our variations, as we would do with simple products.

Product variations

To enable the switch of the configured plans, you need to activate the “Allow switch to this variation”option on both plans.

Allow plan change

With the “Priority” option, you can set the hierarchic importance of the configured subscriptions. With our example, let’s try to organize the plans in this way:

  • Bronze: 1
  • Silver: 2
  • Gold: 3

If our user has a “Silver” plan, and he/she wants to switch to the “Gold” plan, he/she will make an upgrade. On the contrary, if he/she switches from “Silver” to “Bronze”, he/she would make a “downgrade”.

To complete this operation, users have to go to the detail page of the subscribed plan in the “My Account” page, select the new plan and click on the “Swtich” button.

Change subscription

Let’s analyze deeply these two actions, explaining how users can complete them and what these imply for payment management.