Privacy settings

From WooCommerce 3.4 and WordPress 4.9.6 versions, users can submit an erasure request, so their own data will be deleted or anonymized.

In some cases, though, it is not possible for a business to remove the data linked to orders, in many countries the shop owner is bound to keep invoicing information for some years.

The plugin lets you handle this based on your business and accounting requirements.

Go to YITH Plugins > Subscription > Privacy to set up the privacy settings related to subscription orders.

You will find the option Account erasure requests option under the Privacy settings section.

If you check this option, whenever customers request the erasure or anonymization of their data, these will be removed from subscriptions as well. Please, note that active subscriptions will be cancelled.

Privacy settings

Under the Personal data retention, you will find two options to choose how long customers’ information has to be retained if needed for processing or accounting reasons. You can specify this information both for pending and for cancelled subscriptions.