How to set price and duration for subscription plan

Before starting configuring your plans, please, ensure that the option “Enable Subscription” has been enabled from the plugin settings panel available in YITH Plugins > Subscription.

Now, you can select the concerned product and click on the option “Subscription”.

Enable subscription in product page

Now you can set a price for the subscription plan.
enter the amount you want to charge into Regular Price/Sale Price. The amount entered here is the recurrent fee for the subscription, that will apply according to what set in the option Price is per.

Price and duration

The subscription available in the image above requires the payment of 20$ every 10 days. You can set a value and a unit of measurement in days, weeks, months or years.
To learn more about payment actions, go to this page.

Using the option “Max Lenght” you can also set an expiry date for the subscriptions: enter here a numeric value to which the unit of measurement entered in “Price per” will apply, so days, weeks, months or years. Next to the input field, you will see the maximum value that can be entered.

Subscription expiration

The information shows also on the product page.

Information in product page

If you have specified the expiration date, but you cannot see it on the product page, go to YITH Plugins > Subscription and ensure you have enabled the option “Show total subscription length”.

Plugin settings panel