What an admin can do with subscriptions

All actions applied by administrators are recorded in YITH Plugins -> Subscription -> Activities.

Subscription actions

Search for a specific subscription using the dedicated search box and specifying the subscription name or ID.

Search subscription

Administrators can change subscription status when they want: go to the “Subscriptions” section of the settings panel of the plugin and select the related subscription. You can change the status with the action available in “Subscription Action”.

Subscription actions

There is a difference between “Cancel Subscription” and “Cancel Subscription Now”.

If you select “Cancel Subscription”, the subscription will be set to “Cancelled” but it will expire on the day when the renewal is due; whereas if you select  “Cancel Subscription Now”, it will expire in that very moment. This is particularly important if the subscription is linked to any other tool that grants access to contents as long as the subscription is not expired.