Automatic payment methods for users

Automatic Payments

Every subscription payment is consists of three phases:

  • Initial subscription;
  • Periodic fee;
  • Subscription renewal.

For the first step (initial subscription) users can choose any of the payment methods available in the checkout page. It is important to highlight that the payment method chosen during the purchase will be the same for all periodic fees that users will have to pay.


If users choose PayPal, they don’t have to remember paying the new fee each time, because the plugin allows automatic withdrawal of the fee.
In case the owed amount is not available in users´ PayPal account, the subscription will be cancelled or will switch to “Overdue” or “Suspended” status, if they have been allowed.

To let the plugin work correctly, it is necessary that your PayPal account (compulsory for any type of business) has been set to receive multi-currency payments. If you haven’t set this option in your PayPal account yet, follow the guidelines described below:

  • Go to and access to your business account;
  • Click on My Account and then on Profile;
  • Open section My Selling Tools;
  • In Getting paid and managing my risk , click on update next to the entry Block Payments

PayPal account settings

  • Set the option ‘allow payments sent to me in a currency I do not hold’ to ‘yes, accept and convert theme to U.S. Dollars’

Allow multi-currency payments


YITH WooCommerce Subscription is 100% compatible with YITH WooCommerce Stripe. By using these two plugins you could enable “Stripe” as possible payment method for purchases with subscriptions.

Integrate with Stripe

If you use YITH WooCommerce Stripe, you will be able to add more than one subscription-based products into the same cart and buy them in the same order. Yet, the date for the payment can’t be edited in any way and refers to the day when the first subscription payment occurred. This feature is supported on other payment gateways. Please, read more about the supported gateways and what changes they allow on this page.

YITH Stripe Connect for WooCommerce

Please, refer to  this specific page to see which features this plugin supports if installed with YITH Subscriptions.

YITH PayPal Express Checkout for WooCommerce

Please, refer to this specific page to see which features this plugin supports if installed with YITH Subscriptions.

Other payment methods

For all other payment methods, check this page here.