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Stripe options

YITH WooCommerce Stripe integrates credit cards and their supported circuits to pay orders placed in your shop. Please, make sure your business is located in one of the supported countries listed here

How to configure API Keys

Support for API 2020-03-02

The API keys are necessary for the plugin to process the payment requests with Stripe. You have two different pairs of Secret and Publishable keys, both for the test and live mode.

Go to the plugin settings panel and enable the option to use the plugin features.

How to configure Stripe Secret and Publishable keys

Insert the secret key and publishable keys in the related fields for test and live mode.

If you still don’t have these keys, go to, register your account and click on “Developers”.

Developer stripe login

Go to the “API Keys” field to obtain the requested credentials for the plugin settings dashboard.

Api keys stripe

Decide when to collect the payment

The administrator of the shop can decide to collect the payment right after the user’s request or postpone it to when the order will be set as Completed.

Select the capture option you want to apply by choosing from Authorize & Capture later and Authorize & Capture immediately.

Authorize and Capture options

By selecting Authorize & Capture later, if the order is not set as Completed within seven days, it will be automatically canceled.

Payment methods that can be used

YITH WooCommerce Stripe offers three different payment options:

Choose Stripe payment mode

  1. Standard Checkout: the credit card payment form is embedded on the checkout page of your website (SSL procedure requested).Stripe standard checkout example
  2. Stripe Checkout: this opens Stripe checkout on a separate page after clicking on the Place order button.Stripe checkout example
  3. Elements Checkout: shows an embedded form hosted by Stripe and certified.

Stripe Elements checkout example

A quick note about PCI Compliance.

Whatever the form selected, the transaction is always handled by Stripe and never by your own server.
Yet, some users require PCI compliance to certify that all the card sensitive data are treated safely, especially when it’s your site that receives (even if it does not store) the card details. In this case, we recommend using Elements Checkout, even if it’s always required that an official institution certifies the site’s PCI compliance.

So, what’s the real difference between Stripe Checkout and Elements Checkout?

With Stripe checkout, the form is printed out by your server (so, it gives room for collecting data and handling them), whereas with Elements checkout, the form is entirely handled and printed out by Stripe, so there’s no way for the sensitive data to even go through your server.

Please, note: in no way does the plugin stores sensitive data. Nonetheless, if you want to add this to your Terms and Conditions, it’s required that a third institution certifies it, even if you use Elements.

You can refer to Stripe’s official documentation to learn more about this topic at

Save card options

If you are using Standard or Stripe Elements checkout mode, you can enable the option Save Cards to let users pay with one of the cards they have used for previous orders. This will spare them the trouble of inserting their data again.

How to let users save their credit cards

You can also choose to automatically save credit cards by selecting Register automatically in the option Card registration mode. This will allow having every card used by the customer automatically saved.

On the contrary, if you want users to choose whether to save their credit cards or not, select Let user choose.

Save to account

Users can refer to the credit cards they used right inside the Payment methods section on their My Account page.

Payment methods on My Account

From this section, customers can also add new credit cards that will be available for future purchases as well.

How to add a new credit card from My Account




Add billing fields

To add billing and shipping fields when using the Stripe Checkout mode, you can enable the options Add billing fields for Stripe Checkout and Add shipping fields for Stripe Checkout that you can find in the plugin settings.

How to add billing and shipping fields for Stripe Checkout

Billing field example

Here, you can also find the option Add billing fields that can be enabled in case you are using a WooCommerce extension to edit checkout fields. By enabling this option, you can require the necessary information associated to the credit card to further reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions.

Customization options

Through the Customization options, you will be able to customize the texts shown to users during the checkout process.

Customization options

  • Title: enter the title to show to users at the checkout;
  • Description: enter the description to show to users at the checkout;
  • Button label: enter the label to show to users at the checkout;

Stripe labels customization example

Blacklist options

To prevent payments with credit cards for those users who have a payment request previously rejected and hide the payment gateway on frontend, you can enable the option Enable Blacklist.

How to hide credit card payments

After enabling this option,  a new tab (Blacklist) will show in the plugin panel. Here you will find the list of users automatically added after their payment request failed.

How to unban users in blacklist

To unban users, you can do it both singularly, through the option on the right side, or massively through the bulk actions. After unbanning users, they will still show on the blacklist and their status will change into Active.


Testing & Debug

To test Stripe gateway and debug the payment system before going into production, enable the option Enable test mode.

Testing & Debug options

You can also activate the log procedure so that all the actions performed by the plugin with test orders are recorded. The path of the log file shows under the Debug Log option. Administrators can consult the recorded logs even from their account, without activating this option.

By normal usage, you should never see a warning, but if you create a staging installation or clone your production site, the Test Mode will be activated and a warning will show. This will protect both you and your customer.

Test mode warning message

Refund options with Stripe

If you need to make a partial or total refund, you can process it directly on the order detail page. After inserting the amount to refund, just click on the button Refund … via Stripe.

Refund via Stripe from order details