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User settings

In the User settings, you can choose which price to show for each user role.

User settings

For each user role available (and guest users as well), you can decide to show:

  • regular price
  • on-sale price (if available)
  • role-based price (if available)

You can customize the text to show for each of these prices, in the Label settings.

Label settings

Add to cart

If you disable the Add to cart option, you will activate a ‘catalog mode’ on every product in your shop.

We use the ‘Administrator’ role as an example.

Disable options

If you decide to show no prices for the product (and disable all options), the plugin will automatically show an alternative text on the product.

Show alternative text to users

You can set this alternative text from the “Label settings” tab.

  • Alternative text to show to users: This text is shown to users instead of the price if all prices (regular, on sale and role-based price) are hidden to a specific user role.
  • Show in: Choose where the text will be displayed on the single product page.
  • Alternative text color: Choose the color of the text.

Frontend text view

Show price incl tax

Decide to show prices with tax included or excluded. You can add a suffix by defining a text to show after the price.

Show prices tax included or excluded

You can set this text from “Label settings”.

Please note, this option does not allow you to exclude or include taxes for certain user roles. The plugin only manages the visual part, so you can choose to show or hide the taxes on prices for certain roles. Taxes are managed globally from WooCommerce > Settings > Tax.

Discount or markup

With Show total discount/markup enabled, you can show the total discount/markup users with a specific role will get on the product.

Total discount/markup settings

You can enter a custom text in the options available in Label settings by using the related placeholders ({ywcrbp_total_markup} and {ywcrbp_total_discount}).

Show price for a different user role

By enabling Show price for a different user role, you can encourage users to get a different role to take advantage of special prices.

To show them what price they would pay if they had another role type, you can enter a text in the option Their price in the “Label settings” tab.

Price of a different user role (text)

For example: If you become Supplier you’ll be able to buy at this price $10.00

frontend text change user role (1)