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Create a new product rule

The plugin allows to create custom-tailored price rules for user role, which are specific for each product of the shop.
The first step to take is to specify what behaviour the plugin must acquire on the current product.

  • Use only the rules below: apply on product only the rules available right inside the product, ignoring general rules
  • Override rules created for the same user role: apply on product the general rules, except those that have been overriden right inside the product


Now select the rule type you want to add between discount or markup.

  • name the rule;
  • select user role to which the rule applies;
  • set a value (percent or amount, according to rule type).

In the example shown in the above image, we have applied a 30% discount for all “Customers”.

If there are more than one rule for the same role, they will be sequentially applied according to the priority they have been given. To set priority for your rules, you can sort them by simply draggin and dropping them in the list (rules on top have higher priority).

All plugin features can be applied also to “variable products”.
Each product variation is treated as an individual product, so, what has been described above for simple product goes also for rules on each product variation.