Quote request page – Premium version

This page is generated during plugin activation and includes this shortcode: [yith_ywraq_request_quote] that shows you the quote request list.

quote list page

  • Choose what page will include the list: the page where users can see their quote list. You can turn any of your pages into a quote request page using the before mentioned shortcode.

Request list settings 1

  • Page Layout: Show the form under quote list or next to the quote list.
  • Show SKU on list table: this will let you include the product SKU in the list of products for which a quote is being requested.
  • Show preview thumbnail on email list table: this will include the product thumbnail next to the product in the quote list.
  • Show old price on list table: this will show the regular price of the product next to the possible discounted price that you are offering.
  • Show “Return to Shop” button: this option shows the button that allows your users to go back to the shop to add more products to the list.
  • “Return to Shop” button label: change this if you want to change the text of this button.

request list settings 2

  • “Return to Shop” URL: customize the URL of this button, so you can take your users to the right page.
  • Show “Update List” button: enable this option to show a button that lets your users update the list after they change the quantity of the products in the list or remove some. Consider, though, that even if your users do not click on it, the list updates anyway every time they edit the quantity box.
  • “Update List” button label: change this if you want to change the text of this button.
  • Hide column Total: check this option if you want to hide the price and the total cost of each product.
  • Show total in quote list: check this option if you want to show an additional line with the total cost all products in the quote.
  • Show button to clear the quote list: this option will print a button that allows clearing the list in one click.

Request list