Custom labels and button look

From the plugin option panel, you can edit the text of the Quote button, links and messages. To do that go to YITH Plugins > Request a Quote > Button settings. You will find a section called Button labels, where you can configure the following:

  • Add to quote: this is the text shown in the button
  • Product already on the list: here you can change the text to show when a product has already been added to the quote list.
  • Browse the list: this is the text of the link to the Quote page. Your users can click on it to see the list of products added to the price estimate and to go on and submit the request.
  • Product added to the list!: this is the text you can show to customers as a confirmation that the product has been added to the quote list.

button labels

In addition to this, you can also change the look of the Quote button. In the same tab Button settings, you will find some options to change the colours of the Add to quote button, as shown in the following image.

ajax loading customize

Furthermore you can Enable AJAX loading, to prevent the server or browser cache. The quote buttons will be refreshed when the page is loaded.