Quote status

Quotes are treated like orders and acquire a different status based on which step it is in.
In the beginning, when the user sends a quote, its status goes to New quote request, but when the quote has been sent to the user, its status changes to Pending Quote.


The order status of the quote will change into one of the following:

  • Accepted quote: if the customer accepts the quote and the order is pending payment.
  • Rejected quote: if the customer rejects the quote.
  • Expired quote: if the customer has not given any reply before the expiry date set in the quote.

In WooCommerce > Orders you can filter quote orders based on their status.Filter quote orders

Accepted or rejected quote

All quotes can be accepted or rejected by users. The choice can take place in three different spots:

  • right inside the email
    Accept Reject
  • in the attached PDF, if you enabled the Accept and Reject fields

Accept Reject - pdf

  • right inside the quote on My Account pageAccept Reject - My account

When users accept the quote they are redirected to the Checkout page to complete orders.
When users reject the quote, the order status changes to Rejected quote and it is not possible to re-open the quote.

The customer will be redirected to a new page, where they’ll find the option to add feedback/reason for rejecting the quote. This feedback will be send to the admin of the shop.reject quote