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Getting started with the free version

The free version of the plugin lets you recover all the abandoned carts of all the registered users of your site.
Click on “YIT Plugins” to go to the settings panel and configure the options of the plugin.

general settings

Activate the plugin features with the “Enable Recover Abandoned Cart” option. Now, in the “Settings” tab you can set how many minutes have to pass to consider the cart abandoned since users left the site.

Abandoned cart list


All the abandoned carts are stored in the “Cart” tab of the option panel of the plugin.
Click on the “View” button to make the cart detail appear.



If you have already configured the email, you can proceed sending it to the user with the related button you can find in the page.

send mail

Email Template

email template

Click on the “Email Template” tab to configure the email template to send to your users, changing the following fields:

  • Email Sender Name: the name showed ahed of the email.
  • Email Sender: the user address showed as sender of the email.
  • Email Subject: the subject of the email.
  • Email Content: the content of the email. Within the email you can add the cart details, or the information about the user profile clicking on the related button of the WordPress visual editor, and selecting one of the entries of the list.

add field

This is how the user will see the email.