The messages allow users to know how many points they would earn with a product or with their cart contents or the discount they could get using their available points. You can configure each message individually from the Messages tab.

Single product message

The message in product page can be used to show the number of points assigned by each single product. You can use the following placeholders:

  • {points}: number of points earned;
  • {points_label}: label of points;
  • {price_discount_fixed_conversion}: the discount corresponding to these points

Choose the position where this message will appear among:

  • Before “Add to Cart” Button (as in the image below)
  • After “Add to Cart” Button
  • Before excerpt
  • After excerpt
  • After product meta

Product detail page

Loop message

To show the number of points that can be earned for each product on the Shop page, enable this message.

Cart and Checkout Messages

On “Cart” and “Checkout” page, you can show the number of points users can get after the order will be completed.

The total value is calculated considering the sum of the points for each product. To recall the value, and add it to the body of the message, use the {points} placeholder.

Message in Cart page

Reward message

Activate the option Show Reward Message in Cart/Checkout option to the possible discount users could get if they use their available points. Once activated, the message will be shown both on “Cart” and “Checkout” pages.

Reward message - Cart page

Compose your customized message using one of the following placeholders:

  • {points}: number of points needed to benefit from the discount;
  • {max_discount}: discount that can be applied to the cart amount.