Expiration and other settings

Points expiration settings

With the plugin you can set an expiry date to users’ points and encourage them to use the points before they expire.

Go to the Points Settings > Expiration Options to set up an automatic expiration for all the points. This value can be defined in days. According to the settings in the image below, points will expire one year after they’ve been earned.


Today you earn 100 points that expire after 30 days (X date) and two weeks later you earn 200 points that also expire after 30 days (Y date).
You spend 180 points before X date, and the 120 remaining points expire on Y date.

You can also notify your users about the approximating expiration date. To configure this email, go to the Emails tab and refer to this page.

Apply points to previous orders

In this last section of Points settings tab, you can generate points for orders that have been placed before activating the plugin. This action will update all your customers’ balances.

If you want to select a date after which points have to be generated, make sure you pick a date, otherwise, if you want to apply points to all the orders ever placed, just leave the date field empty.

Finally, click on the button Apply points and points will be generated.

Reset points

This button allows you to bring all your customers’ points to zero. Please, make sure you are 100% sure you want to do this, as this action is irreversible.

If you want to reset points only for selected users, please, refer to the Customers’ points tab and to this page.