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Points in My Account

Points in My account

Show points on My Account: enable to show the My Points section on My account page. This will add an endpoint in the My Account section that will look like this:

Points history in My Account

Here you can see a visual summary showing:

  • Points. In the first tile, you can see points available to redeem (1218 in the screenshot above) and the total points collected so far, included the ones that have been redeemed (2968 in the screenshot above).
  • Your level (if any achieved): the level will be calculated from the total collected points.
  • Your rank in the general rankings. The position in the ranking will be calculated from the total collected points (ever, month, week, day).

Then, you will see four tabs for:

  • Points history: a table with all the points-related actions, so points earned through orders, points redeemed, for target achievements, extra points, coupons generated and so on (see screenshot above).
  • Targets to achieve: in this tab, you can see the banners that inform your users about the achievable targets. It automatically shows all the Target banners here, and optionally Simple banners (based on the banner settings).
My account - target banners
  • Get points: in this tab, you can see all the Get points banners, so the ones that inform your users about extra actions they can take to earn more points, like by reviewing a product, or referring a friend.
    Optionally, you can also show Simple banners here (this can be done from every Simple banner settings).
My account - get points
  • Manage points: here is where you can generate a coupon code from your points and see all the generated coupon codes.
My account - coupons

Let’s check the other options in the Show points in My Account settings:

My account points settings

Label for points section: here you can change the name of the Points section in My account.

Endpoint for points section: enter the endpoint of the Points section in My account page. Endpoints cannot contain any spaces noruppercase letters. Default to: my-points.

Show Points Value: enable this option to make sure that the money worth of points is shown on the product page and in the tile in My account summary. This will encourage your users to buy as they can see the discount that they can accumulate on a future purchase.

Points worth
Product page
Tile in points summary in My Account

Show points earned and spent: two options are here available. The first one lets you show the points earned/used with the current order in the order details page in My Account; the other one lets you show the same information in the Order Completed email.