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In the Labels section, you can edit many of the texts of the plugin with your own text. You can find the list of all available labels below.

  • Singular label replacing ‘point’: default ‘point’
  • Plural label replacing ‘points’: default ‘points’
  • Order Completed
  • Order Processing
  • Order Cancelled
  • Admin Action
  • Reviews
  • Registration
  • Target – Total Points: default ‘Target achieved – Points collected’
  • Target – Total Amount: default ‘Target achieved – Total spend amount’
  • Target – Total Orders: default ‘Target achieved – Total Orders’
  • Target Checkout Total Threshold: default ‘Target achieved – Checkout Total Threshold’
  • Birthday: default ‘Target achieved – Birthday’
  • Daily login: default ‘Target achieved – Daily Login’
  • Registration by referral: default ‘User registration by referral’
  • Removed registration points due to a referred user cancellation
  • Purchase by referral
  • Removed points due to a referred user cancellation
  • Collected Points
  • Level Achieved: default ‘Target achieved – Level’
  • Profile Complete: default ‘Target achieved – Profile Completed’
  • Expired Points
  • Order Refund
  • Order Refund Deleted
  • Redeemed Points: default ‘Redeemed Points for order’
  • Shared Points: default ‘Shared point with a coupon’
  • Apply Discount Button: default ‘Apply discount’
  • Applied Points Discount Label: ‘Redeem points’
Label settings