How to enable One-Click Checkout

When the plugin is activated, a One-Click button will appear on all the products of the shop, but only the users who have entered their shipping data will be able to see it or those who have at least purchased once unless you enable the option Activate for guest which allows redirecting guest customers to the Checkout page after clicking on the above-mentioned button.
If you want to restrict the plugin features only to users who have at least purchased once, you can enable the option Activate after the first order.




By default, the plugin adds a button in product detail page, but you can also show it for every product in shop page by checking the option Activate in shop page and users will be able to purchase them just with one click.

Premium one click 2

If you want to show a link instead of a button, enable the option Activate with link.

Enable products to One-Click Checkout

The Exclude Categories option allows you to specify in which product categories enable One-Click Checkout. Is the same also for single products: just add them to the table that you will find in the “Product List” tab.

In case you want the one-click payment to be enabled only for categories and specified products, active the option Invert Exclusion and the table will apply plugin features only to the products or categories in the table.



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Redirect users

With the Redirect after creating the order option, you can set a specific page of the site where you want to redirect the users after they have purchased using one-click checkout option. Users can be redirected either to the checkout page, product page or “Thank you” page or even to another page of the site, by specifying a link.




Multiple addressess

With the premium version of the plugin, the users can enter several shipping addresses, so they can select the one they want to use during the purchase process.
You can enter another shipping address any time from “My Account” page or also if you prefer, during the purchase.

premium one click 6

Once entered the new shipping address, it will be added to the list of those already available and that can be selected in the product.

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In case users want to use a different shipping address besides those already saved, they will just have to click on “Add new Shipping Address” and enter the new one.

premium one click 8

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Integration with YITH WooCommerce Stripe

YITH WooCommerce One-Click Checkout integrates its features with the ones from the premium version of YITH WooCommerce Stripe plugin, to allow users to complete their purchases with just one click without being redirected to the correlated payment page. To enjoy these advantages, activate YITH WooCommerce Stripe and enable the “Enable stripe payment” option that you will find in the YITH WooCommerce One-Click Checkout settings panel.

premium one click 10

After the first one-click purchase made with Stripe, further orders done with the one-click button will be automatically processed with Stripe, therefore no payment method will be requested. The system will proceed the payment using the same billing information from the last purchase.

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In case users do not like this behavior and want to select a different payment method for each purchase, they can uncheck the option that can be found in “My account” page.

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Disable One-Click Checkout

The user can disable one-click payment on products by unchecking the option that can be found in “My account” page.

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