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How to pay commissions using PayPal Masspay

Please note: since PayPal MassPay is no longer supported it cannot be activated on new users’ accounts.
Yet, users who had previously activated PayPal MassPay service can keep using it to manage payments automatically and can refer to the following information for the configuration.

To pay commissions by PayPal MassPay you must configure the requested guidelines in Gateways > PayPal section of plugin settings dashboard.

PayPal MassPay Options

For automatic payments, the vendor has to decide whether to receive the commission immediately or only after reaching a certain threshold that they can set up. To do that, they can go to their Vendor Profile > Payments.

Set payment treshold by vendor

The threshold can’t be lower than the one set by the administrator in YITH Plugin > Multi Vendor > Gateways > Minimum Withdrawal €

PayPal MassPay Options (1)

In order to let PayPal payment system work correctly you must insert the following information:

  • API Username
  • API Password
  • API Signature

Enter your PayPal API credentials to process refunds via PayPal. Learn how to access your PayPal API Credentials here.

In the end, in order that the plugin can receive a notification when the payment from PayPal took place, don’t forget to copy and paste the guideline in “Notification URL” of your PenPal account.
Go to your PayPal SandBox account and click on Profile and Settings > My Selling Tools > Instant Payment Notification.

PayPal options

Click on Edit Settings and copy the URL specified in the plugin.

Sanbox PayPal account

Sanbox PayPal account

PayPal MassPay is now a deprecated service. The service has been restricted to only users who had the service enabled.

If you already have an approved account, you will be able to use the service with Multi Vendor plugin.
On the contrary, please, consider that Mass Pay can no longer be activated and the only available method for vendors’ payment is manual payment.

Please, consider that the admin is charged all transaction fees. For more details about the fees, please refer to PayPal official page.