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How to access to commission details

To view the status of all vendor’s commissions, go to Commissions menu that you can find in WordPress admin area.

You can search specific commissions also by order ID from the related search field.

Vendor commissions

Let’s see together information given for each single commission::

  • ID: commission ID, available also in order detail page
  • Product: product associated to the commission
  • Rate: commission rate associated to the product
  • User: user associated to the vendor shop
  • Vendor: name of the vendor to whom the selected commission is credited
  • Ship to: shipping list of the user who made the order
  • Amount: amount of the commission owed to the vendor
  • Date: commission generation date
  • Last Update: date of the last update of the commission
  • Actions: directly from “Commissions” page, you can pay commissions via PayPal, using the specific button that you find next to each commission. Once sent a payment request to PayPal, the commission state will be switched to “Pending” and then to “Paid” when PayPal payment has been successful.

All information is available in commission details page.

Commissions details

For payment of commissions to your vendors, please, read more on this page.