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YITH PayPal Payouts

You can use YITH PayPal Payouts for WooCommerce to pay your vendors’ commissions instantly and automatically.

To start using it, make sure that the premium version both plugins are installed and activated.

Configure YITH PayPal Payouts on your shop as explained on this page.

Then, go to the plugin settings under YITH Plugins > Multi Vendor > Payments.

Here you will find all the available payment gateways that you can use to pay vendors’ commissions.

Click on PayPal Payouts to enable it and make sure you save the changes.

You can now choose whether to pay commissions to vendors automatically during the checkout and pick the payment method you prefer among the available ones.

Open the dropdown next to Pay commissions to vendors during checkout and pick PayPal Payouts.

This way, all commission payments will go through it automatically.

If, on the other side, you prefer paying commissions manually, just select Disabled on Multi Vendor payment settings page:

You will see the pending commissions in the Commissions page and the available payment method right next to it. Click on PayPal Payouts in the Actions column to pay the commission through it.

Exclude vendors’ products from Payouts commissions

If you want to avoid thta vendors’ products are included in the total calculation for your store’s receivers commissions, we suggest you keep this option enabled.

Go to YITH Plugins > PayPal Payouts and make sure it is checked.

Suppose you get an order with 2 products. Product A belongs to vendor A and costs €60, product B does not belong to any vendor and costs €40, so the total order is worth €100. In addition to this, you have set one receiver with a 50% commission.

If the option is disabled, your receiver will get €50.

If the option is enabled, product A is excluded, so the receiver will get €20, which is 50% of product B price.

If you want to read more about Multi Vendor configuration settings, please, refer to the official plugin documentation.

How to customize plugin templates

In order to override plugin files, you just have to create into the folder WooCommerce of your theme the same tree structure you find in the plugin.
Let’s say, for example, that you want to override the file vendor-list.php, that is in the folder templates > widgets in the plugin.

Template file

Copy the file you want to edit from plugin folder (in this case vendor-list.php in templates > widgets). Then, go to folder WooCommerce of your theme and create exactly the same path you find in the plugin (starting after “templates”) for that file.
So, in this case, you have to create the folder widgets and paste template file into this folder. Then, paste the copied file into this path.

Paste file in woococommerce folder