Manage access to membership contents

You can manage access to membership contents from the option panel that you can find in YITH Plugins > Membership > Settings > Hide Contents.

Hide contents

The option “Hide Contents” allows you to regulate access to contents for users that are not registered to the membership. You can choose one of the following options:

  • Hide all: content (posts, pages and products) are shown nowhere in the site but to members; if non-members try to access the content with a direct link, they will be redirected to your site 404 page.
  • Show and redirect users: posts are available in the blog and products are available in shop page, but when non-members try to access details, they will be redirected to a URL that you have previously specified.
  • Show alternative content: access to pages, posts and products is granted to anyone, but non-members will see an alternative content instead of the original one. Non-members cannot purchase products.

Alternative content

Alternative content can be added using the specific text area in the WordPress page of the product/page/post.

Membership options

  • Show membership history in My Account Page: show history of memberships from user in their My Account page.
  • Allow guests to purchase membership related products: guests are able to purchase products linked to a membership, without getting access as a member.
  • Membership advanced management: change membership settings, expiration date, status, credits etc.. note: only use when necessary.
  • Membership plan on user registration: assign membership on registration.

Product in membership options

The option “Products in membership” allows you to manage products associated to the membership plan, select one of the following modes:

  • Show products only members: products follow exactly the same behaviour decided for posts, pages and media in “Hide contents”.
  • Show products to all and allow downloads for members: regardless of the behaviour chosen for shop contents, products can be accessed and purchased by everyone and downloadable products can be downloaded by all members.

Product in membership options

If you choose to allow file downloading to all members, they will be able to download concerned products directly from product detail page.
You can change the position for the “download” button directly from settings panel.

In order to add a download button in the page, you can use the following shortcode [membership_download_product_links] by selecting the “Use shortcode” option.

Download tab