Membership plan settings

Membership plans are the core of the plugin. With no membership configured, you cannot sort any kind of content. You can configure any membership plan you want. To create a new membership plan, go to Membership -> Plans and click on Add Plan.

Creation of a new membership plan

Now you can configure the general settings of the plan and of the content included.

Plan settings

To configure the general settings of a membership plan, click on the “Settings” option of the page.

Plan general settings

Firstly, select the product you want to assign to the membership. By purchasing this product, users will be able to access the content of the plan.

Select membership product

Now with the “Duration” option, set for how many days the content will be available to all members of the membership. Set to zero to offer unlimited access to contents.

Membership duration

With the option “Linked Plans” you can link different plans. In this case, selecting a new plan, all members of the “Golden” membership will have access to all contents of the linked plan.

Linked membership plans

“Show contents in Membership History”: this option lets members of a membership to see the complete list of the contents of the plan from the “My Account” page.

Membership plans front end