Plan content list

If you have configured the membership plan and selected all elements included, click on “Save” button to save changes. Now, a complete list with selected elements for the membership is available in the bottom of the page.

Complete list of content

If you can see next to the element the name of the category it belongs to, this element has been added from the section “Planned items” together with all other elements in the same category.

Category content

Ajax delete element

This list of elements will be available to users in “My Account” page (if so set) or in any part of your site where you decide to show it through the shortcode. You can edit elements from this panel: click on “Add title”, drag and drop the block into the list to divide it into sections and give a name to the new section.

Section title

My Account page

You can also sort your elements differently and easily by simply dragging and dropping them.