Getting started with the free version

Create membership product

All users who have purchased the product “membership” will become members.
Create the product from WooCommerce > Products and add a description and price, as well as you would do for any other product in the shop. For a correct use, we suggest you to make the product simple and virtual.

Create new product

Once the product has been saved, go to YITH Plugins > Membership and search it in the “Select product” field.

Associate membership product

The next step will be, including your products into your membership plan.

Associate content

Each type of content in your shop, be it a product, a page or a post, can either be accessible to all users or only to those who have purchased the product “membership”.
Choose if you want to include the concerned content into you membership plan using the dedicated box that you can find in configuration page. Select “All members” to allow only members.

Content available to

How to subscribe a plan

To subscribe a membership plan, all users have to do is purchase the product associated to it. A user becomes officially member only when the order is set to “Completed”.

Complete order