Gift card list

All gift cards generated after completing an order are registered in the “Gift Cards” area, which you can access from administrator dashboard.


As you can see in the image above, you’ll get some information for each gift card. Let’s analyze them singularly:

  • Title: coupon code combined to gift card. User uses it to benefit from the gift card in the shop. The code can be used for different orders until the balance is ‘0’.
  • Order: Order combined to gift card purchase.
  • Amount: purchase potential of the gift card.
  • Balance: remaining amount on the gift card.
  • Orders: orders id in which coupon code has been applied.
  • Order total: total amount of the orders on which it has been used. The percentage value represents the additional earning compared to the original coupon value.
  • Expiration Date: the gift card is valid up until this date.
  • Information: here you can find the recipient’s email address who used the coupon and information about email status; in case the email hasn’t been sent or received, it can be resend by clicking on the “Send now” button.
  • Direct link: you can easily copy this link (instead of the gift card code) to share it with your customers: by simply clicking on it, they will be able to apply the gift card code to their cart.
  • Date: date of publishing the gift card.

Single gift card can be temporarily disabled by clicking on “Disabled” button. In that case the customer can not use it.

The admin will also have the possibility to download the pfd, by clicking on “Download PDF“.