General information regarding email sent with Gift Cards plugin

For all gift cards configured as a “virtual” product, coupon codes are sent to the user by email.

Email sending occurs as soon as the payment has been made, unless the user selected a specific date (during the purchase) for the delivery of the gift card.

Gift card code in email

Right inside the “Gift Cards” section, you can check the email status. The system will notify if the email has been sent correctly or if an error occurred.

Gift card list

In both cases the plugin allows you to resend the email.
You can also resend an email from the order details page, in this case the email will be resend for all the gift cards included in the order.

Gift card resend code

The email with coupon code will be sent to the recipient specified during the purchase.

By enabling the “BCC email” field(s) in the option dashboard, a copy of that email will also be sent to site administrator and/or buyers.

bcc email