How to customize emails sent using Gift Card plugin

The plugin adds two kinds of emails along with the WooCommerce default ones:

  • Dispatch the coupon: send the digital gift card to the email address selected during the purchase
  • Notification: an email sent to the customer when the purchased gift card has been used

Just like for any WooCommerce email, you can enable, disable or edit some of their settings from WooCommerce -> Settings -> Emails.

Email settings

How to override email templates?

Dispatch the coupon

To override and edit this email template, copy yith-woocommerce-gift-cards-premium/templates/emails/send-gift-card.php to your theme folder: yourthemefolder/woocommerce/emails/send-gift-card.php.


To override and edit this email template, copy yith-woocommerce-gift-cards-premium/templates/emails/notify-customer.php to your theme folder: yourthemefolder/woocommerce/emails/notify-customer.php.